Monday, March 10, 2014



This is the exhibition mov in gallery.


Hello_02_The eye



I exhibit two works in gana art space in insa-dong. This is the poster and exhibition pictures in gallery.

The poster

 Gana art space_01

Gana art space_02


Hello_02_The eye

Monday, September 2, 2013


Subject_02_VVVV Exp.

I want to make the eye's structure for tracing people. But the first experiment that using quartz composer is too slow and making trouble with accuracy, so I try with vvvv for this one. At first, I try to tracking with kinect camera. The kinect camera can work in dark space and the accuracy is very high. And for connecting kinect camera and moving image, I use the vvvv. The vvvv is interactive patch program similar with QC. This is some patch and the simulation movie.

Patch for kinect

Connected image

The simulation mov


Subject_02_Quartz Composer Exp

I experiment for making the big eye tracing people. So, For this interactive structure , I try some head tracking quartz composer patch. But the accuracy and frame delay problem occur in this system very often. So, I have to find another method or another system for making structure.

Quartz Composer patch for head tracking

Simulation Pic

Simulation Mov

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Subject_02_Big eye

I want to express the situation that eye contact with somebody's eye. So, I will use the big eye and the eye focus will chase the one person in front of eye. People can eye contact with this big eye, or people can see the scene that the big eye chase the one another person. This is some prototype.

 The big eye

Chasing the one person


Monday, July 29, 2013


Subject_02_Somebody's eyes

I think about "HELLO" meaning with another idea. The big meaning of "HELLO" is not different, but the express can be changed to another way. The "HELLO" will make the another atmosphere when meeting moment or same interface with previous project same way. This subject will give the idea that the definition of  "HELLO TRIGER". In meeting situation, the people decide mind to say "hello" or not with eye contact. In some situation, even though the people contact the eye each other, they do not say hello. It is determined by the memories are familiar or strange. So, I want that the viewer experience the moment and the feeling through this eye's gaze. Are you uncomfortable? or feeling good? or burden feeling? I do not know.

The eye, gaze, attention from ""

Wednesday, July 24, 2013



This is Making film for making atmosphere that meeting and parting with senses (Sight + Sound). I mentioned in previous posting, I use the basic sphere and line action & sound effect in normal gravity. They are meeting and parting repeatedly in this mov and give the senses are meeting and parting.

The meeting with Sight and Sound